Opening Ceremony of A.CO Battery Factory with the Honorable Minister Industry

The A.CO Battery Factory Group was officially inaugurated by the President of Iran in December, 2019. The design and feasibility study of this plant started in 2016 and started the construction of A.CO Battery in 2017 and reached its first phase in the last days of 2018. In the second phase of its operations, the plant opened its assembly and recycling line in the summer of 2019 and was officially celebrated in the winter of that year by the Honorable President and some members of the government.

Tehran 98th International Exhibition of Auto Parts, Accessories and Complexes

A.CO Battery Company participated in the exhibition of automotive parts, accessories and assemblies to unveil its production group. The exhibition, which lasted four days, attracted more than 300 attendees to the A.CO Battery every day. Many of the country's biggest businessmen attended visited the company's capabilities. At the fair, A.CO Battery unveiled its new product, the Tinoo Battery, at amps of 50-100 amp/hour.